Perryville, USA-based artist Deuce Denninger released his single “In The Nights” and ended 2023 with a rockin’ blues hit.

“In The Nights” is a blues boogie banger oozing with classic rock swagger and mojo…with screaming guitar licks and riffs…and let’s not forget Deuce’s powerful and impactful vocal performance.

If you want to kick back and enjoy a true blues-rock hit, look no further…Deuce got your back.

…of course, no blues rock song would be complete without some mind-blowing guitar work…” In The Nights” got a whole lot of that, and more.

Another point that really surprised me is the brilliant backing vocal Deuce’s got in the song…provided by Kara

Smollen and Joyce Baker Statler…pretty amazing stuff.

With the true and original soul of blues boogie living and thriving within the musicality of “In The Nights”, this one is an absolute hit and could easily set the mood and flip it on its head in any place that it plays at.

Make sure you check out Deuce Denninger’s “In The Nights” for a classic return to blues rock…we can’t get enough of it.

“In The Nights” was recorded at Hopi Lane Productions in Perryville, MO, with Deuce Denninger, mixed and mastered by Tom Roed.

“In The Nights” is the first released single off of Deuce’s upcoming full-length album “Rock & Roll, Country Women, and Blues”…so be on the lookout.

Wishing all the best to the great artist.