Hilda McMahon

Contemporary pop outfit The Art Crimes Band released deep, tuneful single “In The Dark Of The Evening” on the 29th of January, 2021

“In The Dark Of The Evening” is just too perfect with each element, and it has everything from deep drum and bass grooves, soulful vocal melodies, melting keyboard jazz chords, creamy-smooth guitar licks, and a soothing sax solo to top it all off!

The vocal performance on the track is romantically-sweet with a laid back, late night vibe, and the lyrics are so capturing and visual that it would be impossible for listening minds not to drift away.

“In The Dark Of The Evening” was recorded in 2020, set-backed by COVID19, the band had to push their creative boundaries and focus on releasing their original work in the hardest circumstances musicians have faced during the last decades, yet their incredible perseverance in creating this work has shown The Art Crimes Band’s musicianship, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.

As an added bonus, on top of the impeccable songwriting, amazing performance, and top notch production, “In The Dark Of The Evening” also has a music video on The Art Crimes Band’s VEVO that is just a joy to watch, where you can see these incredibly talented musicians’ cheerfully flowing performance in this jiving tune.