“In the Cosmos” is the name of the debut single off the debut record by Canadian rockers Suburban Bicycle Gang. The single pays a lot of homage to good old classic rock, with a touch of psychedelic and blues.

Some clean melodic guitars start the song with a well-thought progression that propels the listener back and forth with emotions and grooves. Speaking of groove, the bassist and drummer work together to give the song a foundational and strong rhythm section with an undeniable presence in the melodic wall of sound we hear. The straightforwardness and simplicity of this arrangement make you feel like you’re standing close to the band members and hearing them play this tune for you, so kudos to whoever managed to bring that organic feeling to the mix.


The vocalist gives us a tutorial on how to use correct vocal techniques and sound passionate/emotional at the same time. His traditional brand of vocals coupled with those effects on the guitar makes for a very psychedelic and futuristic atmosphere; fitting to the song’s title and lyrical themes. 

The extended instrumental break in the middle of the song, followed by the reverbed guitars shows the mastery and experience these guys have with their gear and their dedication to flesh out their lyrics and themes through the music that they play. 

To sum it all up, both the instrumentation and vocals of these guys are nothing short of spectacular. The tones of the guitar and bass will deliver exactly the mental image of being “in the cosmos” as they intended, which will make this song a memorable experience for the listeners, not just another rock track.