Jenn Vix has finally managed to reach a childhood dream of covering the legendary ‘In the Air Tonight’ by the legendary Phil Collins, and she manages also to spin her own personal twist on the sound of the song, creating in the end a version of her own that is totally separated from the original, while maintaining a respectful distance.

Rhode Island-based singer and songwriter Jenn Vix has teamed up with guitarist Vernon Reid to record a cover version of this legendary piece of music. No introductions are needed for ‘In the Air Tonight’. This iconic piece of music defined a large chunk of the music technology that would happen to subsequently define the 80s. For Jenn Vix’s version, inspired by her childhood memories of when she first heard the song, the piece takes a more hardcore road, with Reids distorted guitar playing ad-libs throughout the piece, and taking the bass’s place after the drums kick in with the unforgettable fill, which  is admirably carried over exactly as is. The vocals are different to the original’s relatively simplistic mix as Vix adds multiple harmony lines on top of the main vocal take.

Jenn Vix’s cover of this iconic 80s song is a rougher version that carries a unique fingerprint that is enough to set it apart from the rest of the large roster of cover versions already available.