Although, I didn’t like the music video because I felt it’s using 90s filming and video editing techniques, still, I cannot deny that the music itself is the strongest element over here. Frozen by Fire include The Joblin (Lead Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitars), Cody Cris (Lead Guitars), Ricky Pasket (Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals), and Boney McDermott (Drums), I believe that these four stunning musicians were one of the few who were capable to deliver an original rock/metal vibes in 2021. Actually, I loved the song structure over here, the guitar tone is pretty impressive and the riffs are insanely melodic, same as such harmonic powerful soloing. Definitely the same goes for vocals as well, and the rolls of bass and drums here were so elegant to make such a strong and tight core for the track. Feel the vibes below!

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Mena Ezzat