Skopje’s own, Yon Idy, has just dropped a single that’s one of the best things i’ve personally heard and loved for a long time.

Let me tell you why the Macedonian’s latest single perfectly flows right down my alley. For starters, it’s interesting. The choice of chords, melodies and instrumental timbres are all very left-field. The gritty guitars that act as much as atmospheric dirt as actual devices for rhythm and melody are a bold choice that’s perfectly interesting and inviting. The vocal melodies and the singing style are minimal, sleepy and moody, but have an unquestionable danger about them, the words about obsessing over an ex or a failed love attempt augment this feeling of madness, moodiness and danger in the attitude of the vocals. The percussion is a sure winner. Making heavy use on internal rhythm, using strong strums and a very distinct rhythmic shape that prevails in almost all the instrumental tracks and even in the flow of the sung words allows the use of actual percussive elements to be sparse and allows them to act as sonic decor instead of necessarily playing a solid beat, which is elegantly used to a great effect. Perhaps the nicest thing about this song is its refreshing restraint. Yon Idy doesn’t feel the need to jam things up with more elements that would make the song sound more normal and approachable to more people, staying perfectly content with his weird little song and its attractive melodies and desolate, gritty atmospheres, and wholly sure of the directness of the message and the quality of his art.

This intelligent, short and swaggering piece of alternative rock is a sure add to all my playlists. Thanks Yon, from a new fan.