“In Memory Of” is the latest release by Bursting Wonderland. This Folk-Rock, Indie mix is effortless to listen to and has a natural feel. The music video also transmits a message of raw emotions and transports the viewer to a mystic realm.

The song commences with a breathy intro and an engaging, creative and original mix of elements and instruments. When the lyrics’ lines step in, one can only imagine they come right out of a short novel or a poem.

The outro of the song, also acoustic, takes a 180º degree swap opting for a more Rock/ Nordic feel.

“In Memory Of” is a personal story about a broken and forbidden love gone tragic after a runaway in a cold forest night in Poland at the beginning of the last century. Based on the real story narrated by Ania Chmielewska, the singer’s grandma, before she passed away when on her death bed.

The music video for “In Memory Of” encapsulates a dreamy wonderland. First, there is a beautiful forest and a happy couple. Then, everything is bright and colourful. 

Finally, as the lyrics narrate the forbidden love story, the setting slowly turns dark and gloomy. Even the makeup of the main character switches to match the cinematic ambience. 

This tune got nominated as a potential soundtrack for Netflix’s “The Witcher 2” series for the unmistakable ancestral Celtic vibe and the connection between Ania Chmielewska and the book’s author, both Polish.

The grunge scene has heavily influenced the Ireland-based band’s sound, and hard rock of the 1990s blended beautifully with their love for soft rock and the haunting guitar solos reminiscent of 1970s rock.

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