Gaspar Uhas

This brand new release from the incredibly interesting act THE HYBRIS manages to steal the attention and keep it throughout its runtime, with amazing performances, relatable lyrics, and an inception story that screams professionalism and an incredible standard of quality.

THE HYBRIS is a band composed of a trio of friends, but with a twist. After living and coming across each other in Germany and being there for many years, each of the 3 guys is moved to a different city, namely Cologne, Nice, and Los Angeles. Now they work together through a shared virtual studio, meaning that all of their music is done virtually, at a distance that’s halfway across the globe. They display their music as a trio of Comic book heroes, Ringo Rabbit, Beanie Bison, and Malcolm Mandrill. Just brilliant. 

Imposter Syndrome is heavy, scratchy, charismatic, and a ton of fun. A song about not feeling good enough, this dialogue with a good friend with hit a nerve with many of us who live struggling with confidence and issues with self-appreciation, but even if you don’t, you’ll find no hard time getting down with the infectious groove, the succulent, overdriven guitar tones, prominent, pronounced melodies, the incredibly charismatic singing, or with the multitude of fiery, layered, and interesting riffs. With clearly distinctive sections, including an outro that made my ears perk up in attention, the production on Imposter Syndrome does a fantastic job in bringing this song together as a fresh and delicious meal.

I can’t imagine the amount of coordination needed to run a musical project from 3 different cities around the world, and why not also drop music that’s fresh, exciting, meaningful, and quite sublimely well put-together? Imposter Syndrome is incredibly easy to enjoy and love.