With greatly charismatic hollers, Tidal Water wade through their latest single ‘Imperfection’ with astonishing confidence. Commandeering, powerful, and exciting piece of blues rock.

Tidal Water are a rock band hailing from the Norwegian capital Oslo. Their songwriting, done by Martin Hovden, and majestic riffs courtesy of guitarist and bassist Renato Anesi herald a blend of rock with blues, punk, and electronica. The results are electrifying!

‘Imperfection’ is the second single off the band’s debut album ‘Polarity’. Produced under the watchful eyes of Martin Hovden, ‘Imperfection’ triumphantly displays the deeply intricate sound of Tidal Water. With a dynamic core composed of a fiery drum performance and a ferocious bass delivery blending legato with slapping and with a juicy overdriven tone, the song features a beating heart that’s unrelenting. On top, the song’s 101 guitar lines ceaselessly spew fire. Playing blues licks, doubling down on the riffs, adding atmosphere, or keeping time, Anesi’s guitars are magically orchestrated.

The cherry on top happens to be Anesi’s infectious vocals. Delivered in a borderline spoken -or rather shouted- word fashion, Anesi’s yells are confident and his rhythmic stride definitely has a pull of its own, like a vocal blackhole sucking in all the attention.

‘Imperfection’ is fiery, intense, aggressive, and has a genuinely lovable and impish character. In a time when Cool songs are looked down upon, Tidal Water are fearlessly doing all they can, to sound as Cool as they can. And they pull it off.