“Phonix” creates music in order to reach out to those who need to hear what he has to say and believe that they are not alone in their feelings and thoughts. Best example to what I’m saying is his first single, “I’m the one,” which was released on January 14th, and I hope it will be followed by wonderful tracks.

Did you ever felt like you’re trapped in your own mind? Holding yourself back? Thinking that others are not letting you be, only to figure out that you’ve always been “The one” who’s doing it not anyone else? Well, that’s why the touching track “I’m The One” will strike a chord with you. Phonix did an incredible job putting many of the human being’s messy thoughts and struggles into realistic, moving lyrics, proving that to break free you need no one letting you go but you!

Not only is the talented artist a skilled lyricist, but he also has compassionate, warm vocals that feel like a hug to settle the jumbled thoughts. The authentic melodies that tie together the lyrical choice of lost-self thoughts and the delicate vocals make you enjoy the single from beginning to end. The compositional style oscillates between the past and the present, resulting in the best indie rock vibes. The excellent musical arrangement and his mastery of how to play bass guitar and drums to penetrate into your mind softly are what make the single a gentle wake-up call rather than hitting a hard-wall sensation.

There are types of music that wipe away what you feel, and others that share what you feel. To deal with your feelings, to start living and letting yourself freely be. Listen to “I’m The One” below:


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Viola Karmy