“I’m Sorry” is the latest hit from the award-winning indie rock group Onism E…dropping with a very visually striking YouTube video…we’re in for a treat on both the sonic and visual’s releasing on the 2nd of November on everything…this is a huge wave and its coming your way, get ready.

Eline Chavez’s vocals shine along the musical world that Joey Stuckey, composer, guitarist and sound engineer has created…musical geniuses clash wonderfully in a choreographed rock ballad that oozes authenticity and raw energy.

“I’m Sorry” has a very unique drum rhythm that ensnares the body, with some mesmerizing vocal work that makes you…soar.

The whole energy of the track is pretty high up there…it’s raw, relentless and in your face…old school with a new bag.

The musical production and structure here feels both new and classic, old school vintage redone in a modern sonic coating that cuts through the rest of what’s in the market…

Guitars feel nostalgic, but sound modern…same goes for the classic rock organs…and goes also for the vocal…and the groovy bass, let’s not forget about that little groovy beast.

“I’m Sorry” drops with a YouTube video…a very mesmerizing visual experience that encapsulates many, many…many things…it’s like, life. It’s full of surprises…and it’s beautiful.

Wishing all the best to Onism E…we can’t wait to see what they cook next for the world…we bet its gonna be awesome.