Eric G. Brown

“I’m Ready” is the latest remarkable collaboration between Maryland-based singer/songwriter Eli Lev and Matthew Wade of My Silent Bravery and it was out 12th of August 2022. The duo co-written and performed “I’m Ready”, produced by  James McGorman (Goo Goo Dolls, Gwen Steffani) and it can easily be your new favorite folk tune, let me tell you why.

It’s clear from the start that “I’m Ready” is an instant modern folk classic. It has the perfect balance between acoustic guitars, piano, and electric guitars, each instrument has a clear and well-written role that contributes to the song’s smooth progression as its sound keeps on getting bigger, and brighter as it goes on. The vocal melodies are pretty catchy, I started singing along from the 2nd listen, and I loved how they used their expressive, strong vocals to steer the mood and channel the emotions they wanted making all other instruments sound complimentary. All this was used wisely creating a dynamic enjoyable structure that was brought to life with an unmistakable neat production.

“I’m Ready” is a colorful tune with easygoing catchy melodies and a perfect tone. The dual vocals by Eli Lev and Matthew Wade kept things fresh and interesting while the music set the perfect mood with an open sound and chilling powerful melodies. Totally recommended and will be definitely looking forward to more, cheers!