The latest single from LA-based group, New Plague Radio, is a modern-sounding banger entitled “I’m Coming Back To Haunt You”. The song is a cool mix between Rock, Funk, and Hip-Hop that will definitely appeal to you if you’re a Beastie Boys or Run DMC fan. The mix is experimental and takes you by surprise the first time you hear the transition from the rapped verses to the energetic chorus. Moreover, the strong bass line serves as a strong foundation for all the other melodies and vocals here. Speaking of the vocals, they do have a haunting nature because they mix between styles of scatting (influenced by rap and funk) and melodic singing during the chorus. The rapping itself has amazing flow, power, and breath control that intrigued me to go and watch New Plague Radio perform live if I ever get the chance to catch them. The way the middle section of the song has a key change and a different melody made me envision some kind of car chase or speed sequence in a movie. That feeling was further accentuated when I heard the last chorus filled with extra energy and hype than all the previous ones. If you like rap-rock fusion groups that sound creative and different amidst the sea of bands that don’t differ or stand out, then New Plague Radio is definitely your go-to, and this single is an awesome place to begin digging into their discography.