I believe that music is that type of art that has its magical touch, and is capable of unifying people on a certain idea or a goal. The Brisbane-basic rock duo, Alta Falls, strikes again with another hit, “I’m At A Loss.”

After the success of their previous releases, ‘Trust Me’ and ‘The Space In Between,’ they are back with another electro-pop hit with marvelous vintage elements. The beauty of the track isn’t only the songwriting, production, vocals, and the whole mix, also, the lyrical topic and how the band involved people to be part of the lyrics. Amazing, isn’t it? Well, it’s about when Alta Falls lead singer Nathanael asked the band followers on Discord what ‘I’m at a loss’ means to them, and here you go, you’ve got a track inspired by the band and their fans as well. As you can see, such an incredible idea was able to create this melodic and catchy tune in a perfect shape. 

While listening, I was really amazed by the mix and the production of the track, so when I read about it I found that Nathanael and Matt teamed up with producer Aidan Hogg (G Flip, Holy Holy), engineer Jordan Bain, as well as drummer Sebastian ‘Baz’ Jennings Hingston (Tia Gostelow), and I believe those guys were one of the main factors for the success of this track, along with the songwriting for sure. 

Usually, I believe that our lives are like phases we live in certain years, and each phase has its own characteristics. We all have been in such a phase where we feel lost and a huge burden on our shoulders, yeah! That feeling when you just feel your mind explodes because of overthinking, and I love how the band describes this really; “That overwhelming feeling of being lost in the unknown, yet breathing through the present, and holding high hopes for the future.”