Rob Eberle, the up-and-coming pop rock artist, has recently launched his second single from his upcoming EP, marking his first under Earth Program/Virgin Music. Find out more about this remarkable artist below.

Rob Eberle‘s singing style is not only full of emotion and strength but also carries a deep resonance that touches the heart. In 2024, I haven’t come across any artist with a voice as deep and powerful as his. The song “ILYM” explores the profound aspects of family relationships. It fits both quiet contemplation and lively occasions, providing a musical backdrop for a range of feelings. Through heartfelt storytelling and emotive melodies, the music beautifully captures the essence of family ties and human relationships.

The track’s melody is incredibly catchy, especially the chorus – it’s just fantastic! I also want to acknowledge the outstanding production by Blake Stokes and the expert mixing by Andrew Castillo. Together, they truly turned it into one of this year’s standout hits for me, not to mention Rob’s amazing songwriting skills.

This is the follow-up single to “Half Of You” from the upcoming “Collateral Damage” EP. Rob, amidst the pandemic, focused on music, learning production and piano. Recently signed with Earth Program Virgin Records for distribution. Cheers to that!

Rob Eberle, a talented singer, songwriter, and producer from Long Island, NY, creates music reflecting personal experiences and those of others. Influenced by various artists, he crafts lyrics, melodies, and collaborates with producers to create unique tracks in the alternative pop-rock genre. Eberle, a multi-instrumentalist, started songwriting at 12 and received his first guitar at 8, sparking his lifelong musical passion.