Ok, so we’ve all heard of symphonic metal bands like Apocalyptica and Nightwish, but what about instrumental post-rock bands?

Although the instrumental post-rock label isn’t exactly what we’re used to, it’s nice to see how different artists use their talent to develop a new kind of music material.

Ilydaen was one of the few bands to give this new genre its name, and showed the world what their talent is made of. The band was created in 2009, originating from Liège – Belgium, and has released 3 albums since 2012.

In their 2012 album “Digressions”, the band started off with a smooth opening from their first track ‘Rewind’ that later ascended the next track ‘Grinding Calls’, but soon the tracks became too similar that it seems you’re listening to 1 long track rather than 6 different ones with different beat. The only tie-breaker was Track 4 ‘Tormenting Stones’ as it was to the background vocals that made it stand out from the rest.

But if you wanna hear more from them, then make sure you checkout their latest 2-track album “Implementary”.