Scott Chalmers

With 5 records up their sleeves, the UK-based multi-instrumentalists Birdeatsbaby teases their 6th record “HEX” with the unique sound journey that’s their latest single “Illuminate”. With dark melodies and overlapping instruments, Birdeatsbaby continues mixing their diverse influences using their ratios that form their very own sound, let me tell you how it goes right now.

Birdeatsbaby opens “Illuminate” with an anticipation-filled melody, as the subtle mysterious guitars and heart-beating bass build a wall of dark sounds alongside melancholic cellos that set the song’s mood and pace blueprint. Starting from the verse, the mesmerizing vocal melody takes full control of your senses aided by atmospheric guitars and fluid melodies that brought it to the very front, while the instrumentation arrangements carefully weave the perfect setup for the song’s ever-progressing structure, as we can clearly hear on the heavy parts and how they smoothly swing and take turns with the fully-controlled-by-cellos emotional ones. “Illuminate” has loads of dynamic shifts that effortlessly get along smoothly with high fluidity that makes you feel hypnotized as Birdeatsbaby carries you softly throughout the whole 5:40 minutes. 

“Illuminate” is an extremely progressive tune with theatrical dynamics and heavy rooted sound, its multi-layered structure helped each and every instrument take its time to shine, all in amazing harmony creating this streaming flow that’ll make it easily slip into your on-repeat playlist. Totally recommended, and I guess I have to dig more into the Birdeatsbaby catalog, cheers!