With an acoustic and laid-back intro of guitar and tech beats, the song sets up a chill, half cheerful, half whimsical mood. Sunday’s vocals step in right on after a few seconds, the bouncyness of the vocals give the sense of being running inside a wheel.

According to Hunter, “Illogical Sphere is about losing grip on reality and getting stuck in a cycle of illogical thought and behaviour. The illogical sphere is an analogy for the whole world being an illogical place driving us all a little crazy.”

By the middle of the song, the instrumentals turn into a rock guitar and bass duo, and ends the song going back to a synth world of romanticism resembling of being disconnected from reality.

Beyond ‘Illogical Sphere’, Hunter is a singer and songwriter who produces her own unique blend of modern Alt-Pop sounds that fuse together gritty guitar riffs, sweeping synths, punchy beats and disparate vocals.

Sunday has big plans for 2022 with an EP coming out very soon, as well as plans to get back into gigging and touring this year, if COVID allows.

No doubt, she’s adding a different, unique and original approach to Indie and Alt-Pop genres, and combined with her lyrical skills, this artist talent promises future pieces to make people relate, rethink and meditate about life and their inner emotions.


For more, visit Sunday’s website . Check out her work on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. Stay up to date with her work by following her on Instagram and Facebook.



Mercedes Thomas



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