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Eddz is a project by musician/songwriter Liam Taylor in which he tries to explore and expand in different aspects of art from music to visuals and fashion. He has his own touch in doing this using pop and indie music to speak his mind clearly and his latest single “Ignorance” is a good example of that.

“Ignorance speaks of the actions and wrongdoings of the British Government and how the general public feels that in the long run, turning a blind eye will be in their best interests.” That was Eddz’ words about “Ignorance” and now, let’s dig deeper into it.

“Ignorance” is one of those songs that you’ll know you’re upon something serious and a little bit dark once it starts. That beautiful simple melody at the intro with the bass line transfers a sense of melancholy and darkness that hit me from the very 1st play. The vocal melody at the verse is deep and somehow “rational” it feels like Eddz is talking directly to your mind and when the chorus came, I wanted to sing my heart out with it.

I believe Eddz succeeded in creating a serious statement using beautiful melodies, vocal harmonies and a number of well layered and arranged instruments, the music has a smooth flow with vocals and lyrics that’ll keep you hooked throughout the song and you will definitely play it again. Totally recommended and I’ll be looking forward for more from Eddz

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