If you got the chance to talk to someone, -even indirectly- and get everything you’ve been thinking about out of your chest, would you? Or would you still not admit what you feel? Would you admit your mistakes and take your part of the responsibility if that someone was the partner in that relationship that went bad because of you both? Well, Romain Gutsy makes spelling what’s in the heart seem easy! And his single, “If You See Her,” would give you some ideas on what to do or say.

Romain Gutsy is a French-born singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been singing and playing accordion with French bands since the 90’s, and now he’s flying solo with the first single under his own name, “If You See Her.” 

The single has a stripped-down arrangement that is truly appealing. The instruments blend in seamlessly one by one, maintaining the cozy ambiance. Starting off softly with an acoustic guitar, which sets the ears for a romance poet maybe, and the lyrics kind of are, but in the form of an apologetic man who has nothing left in his heart but love. As the chorus says,

“Tell her I forgot everything

But a tiny piece of love.”

There’s a harmonized blend of alt-country, Americana, folk, and a jazzy dash that gives the songs an endearing, unique sound that’s restful for the ears and souls. The trumpet solo was stellar, along with the light drumbeats that matched the vibes. The vocals are the warmest element of the single, Gutsy really feels the melody and the lyrics and professionally delivers them with a soulful performance.

If you see her, invite her to listen to “If You See Her” below, and that will tell her everything.