The last time I heard Romain Gutsy, the music was so unashamedly French. With grand expressions of adoration, and densely emotional melodies and compositions, it was a sound that could have only come from a French. Today, we listen to If You Don’t Mind. Essentially a piece of Americana, with plucky rhythms, banjos, and lyrics about sex, drug, and Rock n Roll. It’s so American… that it must have come from a French.

If You Don’t Mind is in fact very noble. Romain sings of an alternative reality when being free by societal standards actually included being free from the grasps of “Sex, drugs, and Rock n Roll”. Essentially being free from what society calls rebellious and free. It’s a new perspective and its admirable. It also has got the line “I’m Gutsy and I do love to be free” which is, with the best intentions, hilarious. The music is also sweet, with a solid mixing that does every instrument justice.

If You Don’t Mind is another fun, honest, simple, life-loving release from the Romain Gutsy. The Parisian gentleman is a gentle soul, and his music is sweet and entertaining, and some days, it really doesn’t need to be any more than that.