When “IF THE WORLD FALLS APART” kicks in, your body and your head won’t stop shaking. The guitar will inevitably take you back to an era Owen Coleman adored—the ’70s and ’80s—dropping you far out there in one corner of the room, after a gigantic load of fun.

Having imposed “IF THE WORLD FALLS APART” as a possibility, Coleman begins his journey from inside his bedroom, through which he will tell stories on a new album influenced by My Chemical Romance.

Via “IF THE WORLD FALLS APART”, Coleman tells us in a boisterous voice an experience of what it feels like to lose everything you love around you, your love, your girlfriend, your job, your friends, you lose track of everything going on around you as if the world collapsed…but I know you didn’t come for it.

 It’s an upbeat tune that Coleman blended with Alternative Rock Pop, with a modern rock vibe that he deliberately concludes with each section of his song, to present us with his latest releases that will recharge your energy with the positivity that we need during our journey with these days.


Edited by: Viola Karmy