Geoffrey Sloshay -a.k.a- known as Gedalya’s single “If I were Superman” is the comfort on a rainy day that listeners need to hear during times of crisis. Like a warm, loving blanket the piano notes start with lyrics that inspire and transpire feelings throughout the field of sound. Gedalya‘s persona is felt through his emotional bursts, succumbing to the positivity culture and aiming to create a difference within a changing society. Through “If I were Superman”, the folk-rock rabbi delivers a powerful music note targeting anticipating listeners and infusing wisdom with artistry to create a soothing sound. A revamped version of an older personal melody, Gedalya uses this new version of an old song to reinforce his feelings and greater message
Describing his music as “finding the light at the end of the tunnel”, Gedalya used the static state of a pandemic-torn world to inspire his fans to find easier ways to connect and access his music. His not-for-profit charity A New Song is dedicated to spreading positive music to unite people from all over the world and inspire change during times of crisis. Gedalya’s “If I were Superman” is not a solitary tune, but part of a bigger, more encompassing project of intertwined creative muses, projects, and collaborations. It’s a statement that Gedalya’s journey has not come to an end, but is simply beginning.

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Jaylan Salah