If I Said I Was Changing is the latest single from the elusive, shapeshifting, sometimes-a-duo-sometimes-not Deep Talk. A driving tune that rocks, with an unexpected vintage tinge.

Essentially a duo, Deep Talk revolves around the San Francesco-based singer-songwriter Christina Li, and the Portland-based musician Jordan Maslov, who write music through extensive online songwriting sessions in which they lay one melodic idea after another until a song is birthed. If I Said I Was Changing is no different. An overdriven sound paves the way, lending the song a heavy tone, while the compressed drums hammer away at a heavy-handed beat. The writhing composition that chromatically creeps downwards is aided by Christina’s heartful vocal delivery, whose dryness gives the song an unmistakable 70s sound that called to mind the atmospheres of Janis Joplin and Karen Dalton. A compressed sound that’s engaging and compelling. The guitar riffs and tones seem to get progressively heavier and dirtier as the song progresses, before culminating in an explosive crescendo.

If I Said I Was Changing may have benefited from a cleaner production job that could have helped bring the mix closer together. At its current stage though, it’s fun, oozing with personality, and its sound is wholly unique.