Alex Lipinski is back with a brand-new single, and it is well worth a listen. ‘Idiot Station’ follows Lipinski’s formula for fuzzed-out guitars, soaring high vocals, and infectious, high-octane songwriting. 

Based in Bristol, England, singer, songwriter, and guitarist Alex Lipinski has been weaned on a healthy diet of The Beatles, The Kinks, and Elvis Presley, before exploring the magical, lyrical worlds of Neil Young and Springsteen, followed by the articulate songwriting vision of the likes of Rufus Wainwright and the great Ray Lamontagne. It really is not a surprise that he would end us creating such inspired and cleanly recorded music. 

To make matters even better, ‘Idiot Station’ shares producers with Wolf Alice and Elvis Costello, with Michael Smith on the desk duty. The song’s glam rock influences can be easily spotted in the driving beats, the high-flying synth pads, and luxurious composition, with Lipinski’s high-octane vocal delivery serving as the last nail in the coffin of the song’s awesomeness.

Imbued with fantastically detailed production, greatly utilized fuzz tones that would otherwise be deemed too extreme to use, handled expertly to deliver a standout texture on ‘Idiot Station’ by Smith, its easy to say that this song sees Alex Lipinski upping his game on almost all levels, and with great results.