A piece of raw, hard-hitting indie rock that’s scratchy, unique, and easy to remember from Cold Equations.

A band that hails from Nashville, Tennessee, Cold Equation is a rock band that abandoned Nashville’s traditional sounds of roots and blues for a shade of dramatic, jangling indie rock that makes a noisy, melodic stance. 

Identity Crisis the latest product of Cold Equations and it is a song that features immensely neat and crisp-sounding production, in pure Nashville fashion. What’s even more in Nashville fashion is the immaculate sounding and plentiful guitars. All scratchy and overdriven to perfection in the song’s multitude of guitar layers. From the single note lines, to the strummed rhythm patterns, all the way to the meaty tone of the bass guitar. 

A song that’s purely guitar-based, the piece features the stunning vocals of lead songwriter Drew Kohl in a standout performance that’s full of panache and drama. Punk, but restrained and controlled, Identity Crisis revels in its sense of controlled chaos, a trick that Cold Equations seem to have gotten the hang of quite well. 

Featuring a crisp and manic guitar solo that gets interrupted halfway by another guitar solo is just a trip that I’m thankful for Cold Equations for putting me on. With its dramatic composition and wonderful-sounding production, the song’s terrific guitars are a pure pleasure to behold and the vibes are charged with endless adrenaline on Cold Equations’ latest offering.