The single resurrects vintage rock ‘n’ roll soul to the present and modernises it along with the country vibes, resulting in fast-tempo, stunning harmonies that force you to dance. I find “I Wonder” can be called “the easy abstain” as it only has a few lines. Simple music composition consists of only some basic chords, yet the result is amazing! It was fun to make with the five friends—Rich Chambers, Todd Foxcroft, Jeff Warren, Sean Gemmill, and Jim Gemmill—and it’s undoubtedly fun to listen to, and that means something, right?

There isn’t a single thing I don’t like about it. The vocals are energetic and fresh, and each sound element, whether it’s the guitar hooks, drum beats, or harmonica rhythms, is in the right place. Even the lyrics, as I previously stated, I do not find them to be simply words strung together; rather, they have triggered moments of wonder about some decisions that have been made. It’s sonically pleasing, and the music video was a wonderful treat for the eyes, with such a magnificent view, and getting to enjoy both music and a nature view fulfils a meaning to me.

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