Andy Foster

Distinctive howls, a booming groove, triumphant composition, and a solid group arrangement all find a cozy place in Nicholas Rowe’s latest single. 

The Newark-native Nicholas Rowe’s latest single, I Wish That I Could Sing It For You is part of his upcoming album, The Circle Remains Unbroken, recorded with a full band at the National Audio Preservation Society Studio, mostly during a single take, with minimal overdubs, later added. The resulting sound is essentially intoxicating, for multiple reasons. First among them is the hypnotic arrangement and composition. With layers upon layers of vocals stacked on top of one another in an orchestra of vocal colors. The tight, tom-heavy drum part that drives the latter part of the song, incredibly solid and capable. And ultimately, Nicholas Rowe’s infectious, compelling wailing style, deeply rich, enjoyable, and distinctive. The acoustic guitar arrangement is characterful, and the lines are nuanced and neatly written.

I Wish That I Could Sing It For You is an extremely simple song to love, if you’re into folk. Deep and textured. Masterfully produced, and heartfully performed, and exquisitely written. If Nicholas Rowe’s album ends up consistently with this quality, it would be a true treasure to behold.