With sound and influences from the extreme side of metal, guitarist/vocalist Henry Lemoin kickstarted his one-man extreme metal project Tides of Chaos. Teaming up with session musicians Rich Gray on bass (Annihilator/Aeon Zen), Naman Sachdev on drums, and Matthew Dakoutros on violin, viola, and cello, Tides of Chaos welcomed 2023 with his debut single I Will Rise, a tight headbanger that can easily get into your “2023 Favorites” playlist, let me tell you more about it. 

Tides of Chaos will come at you with full force right from the intro of I Will Rise, opening with such a riffing storm and intense heavy drumming had me headbanging once I pressed play! Henry Lemoin has a really good sense of melody and solid writing skills, as he skillfully mixed multi-layered, atmospheric melodic rhythms in a brutal relentless flow that only pushes forward toward a bigger and more dynamic sound. This mix allowed him to show his musicianship as well as flexing his guitar skills as each riff and line had the needed space to shine and be heard clearly, all this done without slowing down or losing his momentum. He managed to create a highly dynamic structure with well-calculated and crafted twists and turns that keep the listener hooked and banging for around 5 minutes.

With such detailed writing it gets so hard to believe that I Will Rise is Tides of Chaos‘ debut single! It says a lot about Lemoin’s musicianship and about what he’s capable of. Will definitely be looking forward to more from Tides of Chaos, keep on rocking. Cheers!