From the modern jazz scene to the indie rock scene. The Swedish saxophonist and composer, Malin Wättring, is altering her skin and exploring another genre in her creative bath. The fruit of this encounter is yummy! “I Want The Truth” has it all; awesome rock soul, passionate vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and a female power atmosphere.

The single opens with a moving guitar chord progression that lasts for almost a minute of peace and serenity. Perhaps it was a reflection of the jazzy background, but it was quite good and atmospheric. Then, Malin enters with soothing, soulful vocals. And just when you think you know where the song is going, it surprises you with a gradual crescendo that takes it to a whole new level. It turns from intimate and vulnerable to a powerful and resonating anthem. The lyrics are one of the elements that provide the single with its power. Malin says about it: “I wrote the lyrics to I Want The Truth 10 years ago. I was in a relationship that I felt lacked openness and honesty and I wrote about what I was longing for. Today the words mean something else to me. I feel like I’m singing to my inner child, telling her that she is OK as she is and that I’m asking her to dare to be vulnerable and present in my life.” And that’s the beauty of it, you’ll find it relevant to your own scenario and sentiments. It rings a bell for any kind of relationship that lacks communication and honesty, even with oneself. And it urges human beings, especially women, to express their vulnerability, and needs, and be real.

“I Want The Truth” was a result of a collaboration with upcoming Swedish musicians, such as Olimpia Dynarek (on piano), Maria Dahlin (on drums), Ohanna Ekholm (on bass), and Hannah Tolf, Hannah Shermis, and Karin Verbaan (on backing vocals). And gathering the band is expressive and helpful in delivering the message. The music arrangement is breathtaking with its rich layers. The first two minutes are hypnotic and restful with the smooth piano notes and soulful guitar, then the full band joins with the intense drums’ beats, killer bass, and superb guitar riffs, not to mention the poignant soprano vocals.

If you’re having doubts or feeling down and could use some energy, “I Want The Truth” could help with that. And keep an eye out for its music video on March 11.

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