I don’t know if it is a coincidence that Pork Pie’s ‘I Want Everything’ starts sounding like it is indeed everything. With a cacophonous intro, Pork Pie lay out one absolutely dense piece of psychedelic rock in such a confident fashion that it guaranteed taking me places totally unheard of.

Based in Dundalk, Ireland, Pork Pie are a band, and ‘I Want Everything’ is the 3rd single off their forthcoming album Golden Leaf Sheets. Michael Stafford, Shane Brett, Michael, and Peter Laverty form the core of the group, and having extensive gigging experience, the Quattro are showcasing their acquired abilities in a blindingly bold and stylish fashion.

A messy cocoon of sound. With acrobatic noodling on the guitar solos, drums beat that dare challenge the very idea of tempo, and win the challenge, bustling Hammond organs that bring the dance floor right beneath your feet, and a vocal delivery that channels a rockier and more aggressive version of early Floyd Roger Waters, ‘I Want Everything’ comes across as a whole circus designed to sweep you off your feet.

‘I Want Everything’ showcases a group that is entirely in control of their sound. Challenging rather heavy set norms, the semi-fluid tempo, the hard mix of psychedelia with 70s disco, and the bold lyrical cues and vocal delivery, Pork Pie are bringing their best face forward with this single, hyping us up even more for Golden Leaf Sheets.