Credit: Dean Gordon

Calling a song a rock anthem is quite challenging nowadays, possibly due to our nostalgic affection for past eras and classic artists. However, Catholic Guilt managed to challenge this trend with their new single and music video “I Used To Be Someone.” Let’s explore this further.

The band Catholic Guilt, based in Melbourne, consists of five highly energetic and skilled members: Brenton Harris on vocals, Dean Gordon on guitar and vocals, Megan Sidwell on guitar and vocals, Ben Caruana on bass, and Michael Condello on drums. This talented group showcases a remarkable diversity by blending punk, alternative, folk, rock, and even a touch of melodic alternative metal. Personally, “I Used To Be Someone” has been on repeat for over an hour for me, marking it as an anthemic rock hit. The emotional and powerful vocals, along with the seamless harmony between Brenton and Megan, truly captivate any listener. The track narrates the story of two individuals returning to their hometown in search of solace, only to find it transformed by urban development and gentrification. The loss of familiar places intensifies their existential crisis, leading them to question their purpose and significance in the world. Brenton shared, “The initial verses came to me while sitting in the rather gentrified remains of what was once a dive bar in my hometown. One of my favourite Oz-rock songs, Cold Chisel’s Flame Trees came on, as I listened to the beautifully written lyrics about a man returning to his hometown and discovering that for better or worse, nothing has changed, not the faces, not the places, not the emotions linked to them, I couldn’t help but think how different that was to the experience I was having in that moment.”

Partnering with American indie label Wiretap Records and produced by Loud Noise Estate has been an incredible decision. The production has been equally impressive and iconic, reminiscent of internationally adored bands we admire today. Their musical evolution blends alternative rock, punk, and pop, creating a nostalgic ambiance with dynamic vocals from Brenton and Megan. Megan shared, “Nostalgia is a significant element in this song, inspiring me to create fitting guitar parts for Brenton to build his story upon. Drawing from his general vibe, I crafted several ideas that became the foundation of the track. Some riffs reflect my musical influences and experiences from my late teens and early twenties, reminiscent of the bands I performed with during that time.”

From my perspective, Catholic Guilt is truly impactful and revolutionary! It’s uncommon nowadays to discover new music techniques that draw inspiration from nostalgic periods. Let me assure you, time will show that Catholic Guilt will become one of the most iconic bands in the near future. Cheers!