The Norwegian composer and multi-instrumentalist Filip Dahl’s latest release, “I Still See You,” is a timeless, personal work of art where each component conveys a heartwarming theme through a moving musical journey that is both melancholic and graceful.

Filip Dahl is a seasoned musician whose music speaks for him and highlights his years of experience as a guitarist and record producer. I’ve been a fan since I listened to his marvelous “Cry of a Broken Heart,” and now he’s stirring hearts and touching souls once more with his poignant song, “I Still See You.”

“I Still See You” is a very personal piece for Dahl, yet it’s very relatable to all of us. It conveys the longing for moments that passed by, which we shared with precious people who are no longer here. It’s aching and warming at the same time.

Everything about the song fuels the journey back in time, where we get to witness Dahl’s cherished memories and stop time for a while, enjoying and embracing simpler moments where time wasn’t rapid and every minute was full of the warmth of family laughter and hugs.

The mesmerizing journey kicks off with emotionally charged guitar work that remains flawless throughout the track. After one addictive moment of the guitar’s passionate waves, Dahl enters with a sentimental voice, singing, “Can you remember me?” and he conjures up nostalgic memories with his smooth storytelling. The personal lyrics are heart-melting, and Dahl delivers them with much passion and intimacy. He makes you feel as if you were part of his memories, feeling the longing for these days.

As the song progresses, we hear Dahl’s magnificent work as a one-man band. Each instrument gets its chance to shine and to offer the song’s sentiments in its own way. The chorus is catchy, touching, and infectious. The guitar, bass, wind instruments, and keyboards are all on point and form a spectacular soundscape. However, I’ve got to mention one more time that the guitar playing is mind-blowing.

It’s an overwhelming journey filled with emotions, memories, and genuine musicianship. This journey is complemented by a music video with Dahl’s precious memories with his family and with his guitar back in the early days of his music career. It’s nostalgic and beautiful, and it helps connect more with the song.

Enjoy the journey through the intense 80’s rock ballad. I know I did, and I can’t wait to be mind-blown again by another remarkable craft by Filip Dahl.