Zander Hoschak


Just when you start losing faith in “modern rock” God sends bands like Split Persona to restore it. Although they say the band was formed by accident in 2019 those guys has lots of chemistry and energy in the studio and on stage that can take them really far, just checkout heir latest single “I Need More” and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Spilt Persona are fresh, energetic and full of life and they easily transfer those vibes to the listener through their music and there’s no better example than “I Need More”. It was recorded in collaboration with 3 Doors Down members Greg Upchurch (Drums) and Chet Roberts (Production) and it is a banger from the very 1st second. Those guys know well how to write a killer riff and it is there once you push play, the intro riff is killer I kept on playing it over and over and the way it evolves at the verse grabbed my ears. The dynamics of the song is unbelievable, it keeps on progressing and building only up from that intro to the verse and that rocking vocal melody that shows a lot of hard rock influences that’s being modernized, the fun sing-along chorus and that killer interlude and breakdown around min 2:10 that I can clearly picture the crowds jumping while they being played live. “I Need More” shows Split Persona’s interest in details that made it even cooler like the use of cowbell, simple artificial harmonics and the metronome like sound at the intro.

“I Need More” is a killer tune that I’ve been playing over and over, it is modern rocking one with no clichés or shortcuts jus cool riffs, sincere energy and a lot of musicianship from Split Persona. Looking forward for more, cheers.

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