Eric Alexandrakis returns with a gritty synthtronica banger interspersed with healthy hints of punk that’s full of self-love and feel-good vibes.

Greek singer and songwriter Erik Alexandrakis is based in the city of Rethymno. Having been discovered by Duran Duran’s great John Taylor, Alexandrakis’s music career has been dotted with collaborations with massive names like John Malkovich, David Lynch, and Yoko Ono, culminating with a healthy pair of Grammy nominations.

‘I Love Me (Remix)’ is a terrifically colorful piece of pop that was miraculously written, arranged, performed, recorded, and produced by Alexandrakis in one take on a 16-track recorder. The results are very solid. A jubilant number that’s rich with overdriven rhythm guitars and joyful, bubbly synths, all going hand in hand with the song’s bright composition in a major key and the sweet and syrupy lyrics, resulting in the end in a very party-ready song that sounds as easy as it is edgy, with the dichotomy between the easygoing words and chords, and the dense, lush mix, that easily makes the song land in the realms of alternative, noise-led pop.

‘I Love Me (Remix)’ is a delightfully quirky listen that’s at once challenging and breezy, creating a dynamic that’s rare and engaging. Erik Alexandrakis proves himself once more to be a capable songwriter and producer with a unique vision that easily comes through in each of his meticulously crafted singles.