The latest single from Norwegian singer-songwriter Evran is entitled “As I Lie Awake At Night And Wait For You”. Pretty lengthy name for a lengthy track if you ask me, but that doesn’t take away from the sweet nostalgic vibes in its melodies. The lyrics were inspired by feelings of longing for your crush, and the guitars were toned in a similar way to that of Coldplay’s “Yellow” record, and this really shows from the first couple of notes in the single. The first couple of minutes feel more influenced by Cigarettes After Sex than Coldplay (vocals-wise), wherein you have a talented countertenor singing predominantly in falsetto. I had my mind blown in the following sections when he hit those same notes in the chest register, which felt more powerful yet still warm and soothing. I love how this arrangement made the first couple of minutes feel like a trailer for what’s about to come. In the following section, we have a cool verse, followed by a more fluid chorus with wailing vocals. I love how Evran can perfectly command the upper part of his range and push just enough air to sound tender and passionate in such a high key. The composition itself is just the way Evran intended it to be, anthemic pop-rock with a 2000s alternative rock tinge to it. The guitars play melodically with some word painting and strummed chords here and there that will appeal to fans of post-rock as well. This song really has an element or a gimmick for almost everyone. The drums and bass are present with the listener more than in a typical pop song, which serves to prove how Evran is more rock-oriented. If you like newer generation rock bands of 2000s Coldplay and Alternative Rock in general, then this is the track for you. Being the third single from his upcoming debut, I already have many high hopes for that record and feel like I will have a lot of fun with it.