As we all know the Americana style derived from folk and country influences, still, its originality and vintage spirit remained throughout the years and didn’t affect by the trends. I was not lucky enough to learn about Happy Curmudgeons during their initial release, Meant 2 Be.  I picked up on the band in 2020 when they released their single – 2nd Chances – and became a fan. I started to look at their music which delivers an impressive output indeed. I Know How You Feel is a song I listened to many times before writing this article.  I was moved by the raw emotion the song provides and the heartfelt message of lost love.  It is a simplistic song of a few acoustic guitars, stand-up bass and moving vocals and lyrics.  Producer Mark Byerly did a perfect job blending the instruments and getting the most out of Jeff Warner’s vocals. Dave Hamilton on guitars and Takashi Iio on bass complete the smooth sound that the Happy Curmudgeons are known for today.

 Artwork by Pauly M. Everett 


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Mena Ezzat


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