Indoor Friends are an Alternative Rock band hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. The lineup includes Amanda Bysheim on vocals, Kat Delitto on lead guitars, Krista Marie Setera on ukulele and backing vocals, Ben Bonadies on bass and finally Matt Wilson on drums. They released their debut single “I Hate It Here” on Spotify and Youtube.

First thing that grabs your attention is the cover art for the song. A cute drawing of a spilled ice cream thinking, “I Hate It Here.” When you first hear the song, it reminds you of the likes of Green Day and Blink 182, with its catchy tune, louds guitars and speedy Punk tempos! The drums in the song are an absolute dream, with their sharp, penetrating fills and fast but steady tempo. The cover art and tune might be that of a happy song, but this is no cheery anthem! The lyrics show the protagonist of this song sick of people’s nonchalant attitude towards the apocalyptic times we are collectively experiencing, and showing that despite humans having the chance to do what’s right, they actually choose not to. 

In conclusion, I am totally in love with this pop-punk ballad that speaks about our struggle during these apocalyptic times and how the end of humanity will be by the hands of humans themselves! Bysheim’s vocals really seal the deal with this song, with her euphonious voice, paired with the loud guitars and the banging sound of the drums, is sure to put Indoor Friends on the map soon.