A storytelling that hits the most vulnerable and intimate part of your soul. All the elements in Jeremy Engel’s latest single, “I Got Caught,” are working together to melt your heart slowly with a heartfelt, emotional performance.

The French-born, Dublin-based singer-songwriter Jeremy Engel is fluent in two of the most fundamental modes of communication: languages and music. His most recent track, “I Got Caught,” is a testament to his musical prowess. The gentle guitar strings in the intro softly grab your attention, and once Engel’s vocals enter, his passionate, rich voice casts a spell on you, telling the story with a melancholic, touching tone. Lyrically, there’s no mercy for your heart, as it squeezes the part that once got hurt by a toxic, suffocating relationship, and even if you haven’t experienced such a thing -lucky you- the atmosphere will lure you to feel like you have. The melody is catchy, and the rhythm hooks your ear and heart, as the complicated emotions are depicted not only through poetic lyrics or epic vocals, but also through the instrumentation, which plays a key role in conveying the emotional conflict. It begins with gentle guitar riffs, and then the instruments join in one by one, bringing depth and authenticity. Such as the moving violin and cello playing, along with the circling guitars, which helped to convey the intimacy of the composition.

Jeremy Engel is a genuine, sincere musician who has the capacity to craft a unique folk sound by pouring his talents, heart, and soul into his songs to create a hunting piece like “I Got Caught.”

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