London-based outfit The Shining Tongues have just released their first single of the year and it’s called “I Eat Rubbish”. The title is an allegory to how the state of being a consumer in the modern world creates a level of mental exhaustion and an unsettling lifestyle that the band wanted to show their resentment towards.

The song is so musically brilliant and stylish that it stuck with me for its instrumentation as well as the strong sentiment and display of anger. It begins with some dark vocals and a brooding bassline associated with the kick drum, which creates a sense of angst and anger rising. As that tension was being built I began to notice the lead guitar and its catchy progression had a style and a tone that is usually associated with Southern music and Western-style movie soundtracks- just the right attitude to go with these vocals and lyrics.

The drumming is well thought out and well-timed throughout the verses in a way that complements the bass guitar and the other instruments beautifully. The track manages to have some degree of late 90s/early 2000s post-grunge influence while still keeping fresh thanks to its production and balanced layering of all the elements. The guitar lines and the fine details of their tone are audible, the kick drums are strong, and most importantly: the bass is present. The bass is this track’s groovy beating heart and thumping cavalry that attacks the listener with the right attitude and essence. All in all, the powerful and thoughtful songwriting that these guys are capable of couldn’t have been brought to life if it wasn’t for such a fitting production like the one found here, and for that, I salute both them and their production Team.