Hester Denney

S J Denney’s latest single, I Don’t Know If This Changes Things, is sensual and soothing. Warm as a blanket in winter and with musical sensibilities that only kick upwards.

S J Denney is a songwriter from Essex, United Kingdom. His distinct brand of alternative pop is sophisticated, melodic and contemplative. Often featuring uncommon instruments and interesting, unique timbres. This particular single sees him utilizing a very roomy and warm drum kit, using the brushes, which makes the drum sound stand out. The bass sound is also distinctive and the bass line also is unique and melodic and sticks to the kick like glue, making the groove very tight and well-managed.

The composition itself sees the use of a cyclical chord progression for the verses that makes good use of changes on the upbeat, making the whole sound jumpy and unpredictable, adding an edge to the sound. The chorus is also intelligent with a distinct melancholy that is contrasted by a sudden shift in sound before the music returns to the verse, quite arresting and beautiful.

The trumpets are mellow and sweet sounding, and the trumpet solo is a genuine winner, well-played, characterful, and well-paced. The singing, if not the strongest weapon in Denney’s arsenal is made up for with heartfelt lyrics and a moving melody.

An artist that certainly deserves all the attention he gets and much more, S J Denney is musical, knowledgeable and has a particular taste that sets his music apart from the crowd, and for that, he gained a brand new fan.