As soothing as the buzzy feeling sparkles can be, an announcement of a new beginning spins around your guts and plays with your emotions, and affects your decisions.

I Do Not Write Love Songs” is the newly released track by “The Candy Republic” the brit alternative rock band from Exeter

The Candy Republicrelease a track that is generally about relationships, and the changing cycle and forms it takes. The track has two parts that comprise the definite two stops every relationship goes through, the smooth lovely sparkle and the flaming hurtful cries.

I Do Not Write Love Songs” begins with a smooth acoustic fingerstyle guitar riff that embraces the yearning feeling to be in a relationship and feel the romance within.

The second part of the track witnesses an emotional transition in concept and in music with an electro-guitar sound accompanied by an inspiring and heartfelt solo that emphasizes the cry after the reality of isolation.

The band wrote the ultimate guide for wanting to be a part of a relationship and how it feels to yearn for a partner and have them through your imagination and how cracking it is to look down on your shoulder to never finding any.