With the first drum hit, guitar strum and vocal line that enters your soul, you’ll get hooked…it’s more akin to a magical spell being put on the audience…this is exactly what Irish band Dirty Power did to us when we were listening to their latest single “Dirty Power”.

“I Did My Time” is a mesmerizing and hypnotic acoustic experience…I can’t just say it’s a song…it transcends the concept of just a song…especially when you factor in the song’s music video…

Full of storytelling, amazing sound, excellent musicianship and a very enviable studio where they shot the music video…

…speaking of the music video…it’s actually twofold..

The first element in the music video is shots of Dirty Power performing “Dirty Power”…which already looks amazing in itself…

…the second element is an animated hand drawn story that goes hand in hand with the song, at times switching from the real world to the hand-drawn world…other times its side by side…or even sometimes we completely go to the hand-drawn world…

…the video is a highly enjoyable watch, that’s for sure…

Going into the music itself…it’s dark and minimal slow burner…all the buildup you could imagine is here, but it’s all in the hands of the musicians, the amazing musicians.

The song’s music focuses on the very deep emotional elements, found only in an acoustic performance, everything feels real, alive, raw…and of course melodies and grooves makes it shine brighter and brighter…and in this aspect…it sparkles with beautiful melodies.

I Did My Time did an absolutely mesmerizing musical experience that is not to be missed at any cost…whether you like acoustic or not, “Dirty Power” is a musical masterpiece and should be experienced, period.

We wish Dirty Power all the best and we can’t wait for their future releases…we’ll be on the lookout.


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