Iconic! Yes! This is how I am going to describe Roxercat’s latest single, I changed Today. The Nashville progressive rock act recently released their second single from their upcoming 6 song EP, Pearls via 9 Dog Records. Let’s find out more below! 

I donut the song won’t grab your attention by its intro. And from this part all song’s interludes are amazingly well made. I loved how they arranged the track to be in great harmony with the verses and the chorus as well. The chorus itself is pretty catchy with the back vocals by Rebekah Davis & Desmond Arias. To me, ‘I Changed Today,’ is like a time capsule that took me 40 years back in time to the glorious rock era. Roxercat is led by singer Price Jones, guitarist Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis. Along with Andy Peake on drums, Jeff Roach on hammond. Price Jones is one of the singers that has its original vocal tone yet it’s highly influenced by the golden era, and I loved how this delivers an original singing style. Stan Lassiter insane solong will simply let you dive more into the rock mode by his impressive soloing. If you are a fan of 70’s and 80’s progressive rock sounds then I highly recommend you to check these guys out. 

The second release from their upcoming EP will be available on all major streaming platforms on November the 18th. Now, Roxercat has been added to my 2022 music library, and let me tell you this, I believe in a few years these guys will be the new rock n roll icons. Enjoy!