Danielle Bloom, a rising rock artist, has teamed up with Nashville Women in Film to produce a powerful music video for her cover of Helen Reddy’s iconic 1970 hit song, “I Am Woman” and it took its country/folky roots and turned it into a rockin’ experience.

Bloom’s powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence add a new wave of powerful energy to the iconic original song, making it relevant and relatable to a new generation of women.

Danielle Bloom’s music video of “I Am Woman” is an emotional firestarter that will surely resonate strongly with audiences.

Bloom’s rendition is taking a strong rock direction, with hard-hitting drums and huge-sounding guitar riffs…and of course soaring guitar solos.

“I Am Woman” acts as a very relatable rockin’ and emotional experience not just to women, but to all audiences.

Make sure to check Danielle Bloom’s musical catalog, you’ll surely find tons of awesome songs.

Wishing all the best to Danielle.