The Vow is set to release their next indie rock single “I Am Insane” on May 19th, teasing their upcoming album “Igloo” which is set to drop summer 2023. The Liverpool-based band consists of Graham Trust on vocals and guitar, Martyn Gilbert on guitar, Tony Potter on drums, and Nick Reynolds on bass. Since their debut album “For a Dreamer” in 2012 The Vow have made a name for themselves, accumulating more than 1.6 million streams across multiple platforms, and 83K monthly listeners on Spotify. 

“I Am Insane” was written during a challenging period in Graham’s life, and the band describes it as “a beacon of hope, brightly illuminating spaces that were once plunged into a seemingly endless darkness.” The song features a dynamic soundscape that gradually builds with the addition of other instruments, from the opening acoustic guitar and vocals duo until it reaches its full picture in the chorus. The chorus is a highlight of the song, featuring a sing-along vocal line that encourages the listener to join in and shout out the line “I Am Insane”. Complemented by melodic lead guitar, uplifting drum line, groovy swerving bass line, melodious deep piano, airy strings, and organ ambience.

“I Am Insane” is built upon a multitude of melodic layers. Although the lyrics touch upon a challenging subject, the tone of the song remains light and optimistic, paired with uplifting music that gives the listener a euphoric experience. Mark your calendars for May 19th, and don’t miss your chance to hear “I Am Insane” by The Vow.