feeble’s latest single, ‘I Am Here’, is about one-sided love and the struggles that come with it. A chill tune that brings in the sense of peace and acceptance for situations where we don’t have control.

The composition of the song itself is very mellow, easy-going and calm. It mirrors how the lyrics speak about letting things be and evolve by themselves regarding love.

The vocals have a faded effect that adds an extra slow-mo feel-like to the whole music’s composition.

This Alt Rock/ Pop, Indie Pop piece tells the relatable tale of a one-way crush between two people and how the best way to love that other person is to give them space and hope they find their way around back to you.

The Sweden-based band was born during the 90s and started as a trip-hop project. However inactive between 2010 and 2020, feeble was reborn in 2020 as an acoustic project producing three singles ‘Heartland’, ‘A Few Minutes More’ and ‘What If’. 

From then on, feeble evolved and used influences from both the past and modern sounds. This project has produced two singles, ‘Time Is Slow’ and ‘I Am Here.’

‘I Am Here’ is a steady and slow tune for those who like emotional lyrics, romantic-sad songs and realistic stories—tracks with a purpose. Perfect for quiet, lethargic moments of the day where you want to dampen the noise around you.



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