With punkish aggressive vibes and groovy melodies, the Manchester-based rockers Tokeo contribute with their own vision and sound to the indie rock scene. Their edgy style mixes punk, rock, and rap in a secret recipe as we can hear clearly in their latest single “I.A.F.D” that they described as 

“The name of this song compares people who use cocaine in pubs to human dodgems, navigating a night out bumping into different social situations” explains vocalist Rory Kelly. “Whenever we play this song live I always quote, “Some of us know this person, some of us have seen this person and some of us have been this person”. This is why the lyrics of this song cover the internal monologue of someone finding themselves in a cycle of self-destruction brought on by an inability to find their purpose or place in the world.”

So, let me tell you how it goes,

“I.A.F.D”’s raw punk vibes are pretty haunting, the groovy fat bass, sharp guitars, and freestyle-like playful vocal melodies will keep you hooked and asking for more. Its powerful heavy groove, straightforward dynamic structure, and pounding yet melodic sound created a sound that would appeal to a diverse audience with different tastes, especially with that magnificent guitar work. Its raw powerful energy is pretty engaging and I believe will be easily channeled to the audience through Tokeo’s energetic delivery. 

“I.A.F.D” is a balanced mix of raw punk intensity and fluid melodic riffing. It has a solid uplifting structure with entertaining dynamics and powerful delivery that makes you instantly interact with it and play it over and over again. Totally recommended and will make me keep a close eye on Tokeo, keep on rocking guys, cheers!