Hyper Planet is a Progressive Metal Band from Iran. The band gained some fame and respect because of their talents and music style .

The theme of the lyrics was different than the usual topics we are accustomed to. Such as; society, freedom, fights, as well as personal, political and economic issues.

The music of the track is really rich, I found great dominance for the all instruments, great harmony, aggressive vocals, melodic guitars, and oriental influences.

In the beginning of the track, I realized that there is a big electronic part in the effects; you can’t miss them.
The vocals were good but I didn’t like the way of singing in minute 2:42 of the track and if you listen to them, you wouldn’t find any logical reason for using them by this way.

In the minute 5:30 pure oriental part invades the riffs. This part was really great. The solo was also great and powerful. Some parts carried a beautiful blend between oriental tastes and western music style.
This track really confused me, because I found some parts that were really good and some of them were weak or just below average. This track deserves 5 out of 10.

Written by: Rana Atef
Edited by: NJ Bakr