PJ Mc Tiernan

The obsidian Complex just released their latest single “Hymns of Innsmouth” which is part of their new EP ‘Dead planet’ that they were working on during the lockdown which is why they chose this name. The duo: Adam Kovnat the vocalist and Joshua Aguayo the guitarist and producer met through mutual friends on Instagram and that’s when they kicked it off. Josh was previously part of a band called Yami back in 2012, while Adam had several high school projects, but nothing was ever official. Both artists grew up in music-loving homes and with parents that support and appreciate music. Adam and Joshua have slightly different tastes in the music they listen to which helps them come up with diverse ideas for their music. Yet, as a band they are both influenced by Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, Soreption, Meshuggah, Vildjharta, Reflections, Structures, Berried Alive, and Reflection and Monuments. In such a short time the band was able to attract a specific yet loyal listener who appreciates their heavy and intense music, with a reach of over 350 listeners every month on Spotify. 

‘Hymns of Innsmouth’ gained recognition and huge success the minute it was released with over 33K views on YouTube only!! The song is of a very specific style and type. The first impression you’ll probably get is just screams, heavy guitar tunes, and distorted noise. But digging deeper you’ll hear distinctive guitar from melodies, deep lyrics coming out through these screams, and an interesting layout of the song. The heaviness and edginess last for 2 minutes then it gives you a break with calm background music and vocal whispers paving the way for a SICK electric guitar solo. Then it starts picking up again and 2 different vocal lines overlap; a very deep one with a monster-like voice and another male voice who is screaming the lyrics. An ongoing conversation between the 2 voices which is probably how you would sound when you’re fighting with your demons. 

We advise you to keep an open mind while listening to this song by the very interesting duo and we can’t wait to see what’s next for these guys!